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Having spent her childhood summers down in South-West Cork, Prowlster Intern Ailbhe Ní Riain has written up a piece on how to you can have a cheap, fun summer holiday in the Rebel County and what kinds of sun summer fun you can get up to by taking a drive down the country. Summer holiday in Ireland ain’t lookin’ too shabby this year.

Why travel abroad when cheap, memorable and fun holidays can be had by traveling for a few hours into the back arse of nowhere?

Timoleague  is an example of a picturesque, colorful, friendly village situated on the edge of a long sea inlet just 30 miles from Cork City and within a scenic route between Clonakilty and Kinsale, South-West Cork.

To me, Timoleague is a detox from city life, full of fresh air, local produce and outdoor activities.

There’s a feeling of wholesomeness about the village, which is full of friendly vibes; it’s impossible not to feel serene and relaxed as you walk through its candy coloured streets or get lost admiring the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

There is more than enough to learn about and do in and around the village; walking, fishing and exploring the ancient ruins of the historic Abbey.

The historic 13th Century Abby dominates the friendly village. Founded in the 6th century by St. Molaga, local legend says he spent years trying to build a church along the Argideen River, his actions in vein; never did any church he built stand, until one day he placed a lit a candle on a sheath of corn and left it to float down the river until it came to shore along the banks of a rural settlement. Molaga built the church and his house there, and so was born the village of Tigh Molaga (House of Molaga).

Tigh Molaga, now known as Timoleague, adopted its English name during the plantations of the 17th Century when the Travers family took over the land. In 1612 the stained glass windows of the Abbey were smashed by British soldiers after troubles broke out between the Irish and those on the side of the Queen.

There is more than enough to see and do in the colorful neighboring towns and villages of Timoleague. You can go horse-riding, sailing, surfing or wind surfing in Courtmacsherry, visit The Model Railway station or Michael Collins Centre in Clonakilty or go golfing in Bandon or Kinsale.


There are countless beaches along the South-West coast of Cork; two favorites of mine are Dumwhorley and Simons Cove, which are only kilometers away from Timoleague itself.

Dumwhorley is brilliant for swimming, body boarding, rock pool fishing, building sandcastles and exploring. Simon’s Cove, a true hidden beauty of West Cork, is a stoney cove known for its calm and clear natural swimming pool that comes and goes with the tides.


Each year the village hosts an annual harvest festival, which sees Timoleague packed full with locals and tourists alike joining in on the many street activities organized for the event. Popular street activities include pig racing, fancy dress competitions and parade, dog shows, live street music and much more.

A large marquee is erected on the village green with many big name acts performing over the 10 day period. Timoleague will be celebrating their 40th anniversary from the 16 to 24 August this summer. DJ Jenny Greene and singer/songwriter Rebecca Storm are two acts confirmed for this year’s Festival.

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