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Intern Ailbhe Ní Riain ran into Adam, one of the founders of Traxedoz, at Body and Soul. He was working at the SausaugeFest food stall that he set up with two other mates. They kept in contact since and she spoke to the lads about the Traxedo brand and where their inspirations came from – and convinced them to kindly run an awesome competition for you lucky Prowlsterers. 

The sound lads and lady at Traxedoz have kindly agreed to run a competition through us to win a Traxedo to give away to one lucky reader. You’re free to pick any colour you like. To win, simply comment below on this article  and tell us where you’d wear your Traxedo and what you’d do in it! – check out their Facebook and Twitter to see all the styles they have to offer.


Where did the original idea come from? Any inspirations?

After a black tie event one night we were thinking that it would be great to have a tuxedo that you could wear while chilling out. Something comfortable like a tracksuit with the style and slickness of a tuxedo. After a load of ‘Googling’, we realised that no one was producing or selling them. We thought that it was an opportunity too good to miss, so we decided to make our own. We employed a local designer to make us a prototype. After we were happy with the design, we went and got them produced by a manufacturer. We then built an ecommerce website and, through online marketing and advertising, we got the word out there that the world’s slickest garment is now available to buy!


Where do you see Traxedoz going in the future?

Well since our launch we’ve gone from selling a single, black Traxedo to a range of six colour options. We’ve also got a kid’s size so parents don’t have to worry about what to put their kids in at any formal event. Traxedoz have you sorted! We’ll be launching our premium edition range in a couple of months. These will include tweed, tartan and leopard-print traxedoz. A large portion of our sales comes from Australia and the US, which is great so we’ll continue trying to push these markets as well as increasing awareness in Europe.

What kind of people do you expect to see wearing them?

We’d be really popular with stags, hens, festival go’ers or anyone looking to be the coolest person in the room! Parents of situs judi casino online also love to put their kids in them. We’re hoping that the different colours will reflect big occasions throughout the year, such as green on Paddy’s Day, red at Christmas and the likes!

You have quotes on your page from people who’ve bought your Traxedoz… what’s the best/funniest/strangest feedback you’ve gotten?

A couple who ran the Boston marathon ran straight from the race to a church where they got married with the husband wearing a traxedo! Genius!

Who’s the founder of Traxedoz?

Ian Murphy, Jonathan Hughes and Adam Fleetwood. Chloe Arnold has since come on board due to experience and expertise in the fashion industry.

Have you guys got any creative style icon?

James Bond.

Describe a typical work day.

We all wear Traxedoz in the office. That’s a rule. But It’s not really work, as we all have so much craic together! We spend our days trying to spread the word about Traxedoz through social media and online channels as well as dealing with customer queries and sales.

Don’t forget to comment under this post for a chance to win a Traxedo!! Where’d you wear your Traxedo and what’d you do in it? Let’s get creative guys!

Words: Bandar Judi Online // @AilbheNiRiain