Essential Black Sneakers

Essential Black Sneakers


General Sneaker Rule:  If you want to play it safe with any outfit go all black. It’s a simple rule that has yet to be played out. There is never ‘a new black’ and like Q-Tip told us back in 1988, Black is Black

Words: Mango

All black kicks are an essential component to any sneaker heads collection and not just the standard for barbers and the cool kids ordering hilariously named IPAs in P Macs but for everyone who has had the genius idea of copping the triple blacks “Cause they’ll be mad easy to keep!” or has had their heart broken by white leathers too many times.

My first all-black pair of kicks were Air Max TN’s (I know, I know) which are somewhat having a comeback with people like Skepta rocking them in his videos bringing vintage scaldy back into fashion. From there I’ve moved with the times copping new styles and brands such as Uptowns, Court Trads, Gazelle II’s and have yet to be let down by them. So with noticing a plethora of some of the most popular styles receiving the all black look, I’m pointing you to the best there is on offer round these parts.


Roshe Run. The Roshe became an instant classic and has seen numerous colourways and different designs proving it to be one of the most loved of Nike’s releases in years. With a light mesh upper, rope laces and a comfortable & supportive sole this is a great shoe for the summer with its breathability and minimal textile panelling.



NB 574. The quintessential New Balance Kick rocked by everyone from Steve Jobs to Action Bronson and was the first kick adopted in New Balances re-emergence a few years ago. A lot stockier than most running shoes but this also makes it one of the comfiest shoes on the market and a standard for a reason. With black suede and mesh for the upper and rubber EVA sole these are hard wearing and will survive any packed night in the Twisted Peppers basement.


Nike Air Max 90 Essential All black Men_4

Air Max 90. I’ve spoken about these here before. They never go out of style. They go with everything. Just stop messing about and get these but make sure you get the nubuck, leather and suede so you can avoid the hard crease by the toes.



Vans Old Skool. The uniform of the Golf Wang gang, these are a cheap, light wearing skate shoe with simple tough canvas upper, all black sole and they pair with the skinniest jeans you can physically put on. Be warned though, wearing these will immediately result in you being asked of you have any skins for a rollie on the street.


nike-air-force-one-mid-07-triple-black-1Air Force 1 mid. Not as popular as their all white versions but for the brave they can bring together outfits very well. Paired well with black jeans and some slim combats, your da could rock these so could you. Tell him that when you try convincing him to buy you a pair as you’re out getting kicks.  PS. Close the straps. Seriously

You can pick up any of these kicks at Schuh, Office & Size?

This week Mango will be getting into a roaring match with an aul lad in a pizza shop cause his Boom Box is too loud while rocking Spizikes. Fuck Larry Byrd Yo!