Adidas Superstars City Pack

Adidas Superstars City Pack


It’s 2002 and I’m being dragged around Debenhams in the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre by by my Ma, looking for an outfit for my confirmation. I want a Nike tracksuit but the aul one has other ideas and she holds the purse so… it’s a John Rocha shirt and some slacks with a leather jacket; all black, because I was hipster before hipsters knew what hipsters were, naturally.

I didn’t fight the clothing choices even though it was mid-May and I risked passing out with my all-black ensemble under a heavy leather jacket because I was saving my energy for the footwear decision.

At the time I was first discovering Hip-Hop and in an attempt to consume all I could, I started buying the oldest up to newest rap records HMV stocked which led me to RUN DMC’s Raising Hell album. Without a 120 GB MP3 player to browse through all my music, it depended on what CD I physically had in my school bag that day and around that time it was a regular occurrence to see a ginger bespectacled child bumping Track 3 My Adidas through his CD Walkman.


Back to me in Blanchardstown being dressed like an extra out of The Departed and I’m standing in the department store which at the time still had a sportswear section including shoes. I eyed my Ma sheepishly knowing well how the nerds got brogues and formal shoes, the little gangsters got the Air Max 95’s, girls got short heels or sandals and the cool kids got white trainers with three stripes. I looked at my Walkman clipped to my jeans; Rev and the boys were giving me the courage and I told her: “I want shell toes.”

Surprisingly there was no argument, she realised I’d been well behaved and hadn’t acted the bollocks with her that day. Plus I probably needed new trainers for P.E.

I sat down on the bench and some older teenage girl brought me out a blue box of classic white with black striped adidas Superstars size 6. It was ever since then that I’ve been hooked, making the first shoes I ever actively tried to not get dirty. This story is probably very familiar of people my age. Superstars have a thing of coming around to being cool every 15 years or so; a period that we’re living in right now.

If you happen to have looked down at any point in the last year you are most likely to have seen a pair of the classic basketball shoe that was first released by adidas in 1969. The shell toes made their way onto the feet of legendary NBA players such as Kareem Abdul Jabbar and became the shoe of choice for New York B-Boys in the embryotic stages of Hip-Hop thanks to RUN DMC constantly rocking them which in turn put them on MTV and into the world’s view.

adidas-featuredRecently adidas has been firing out a new type of Shell Toe called the Superstar Foundation (pictured above) which varies slightly from the Superstar II, a shoe that most people will think of when imaging the trainer. The foundation has slim laces, a gold trim on the tongue and side panelling and less pronounced grooves on the shell toe itself. It’s proving a hit across the board with girls and guys copping these in equal measure.

Speaking of equality (I love a good segue), well done to everyone who voted yes and showed the rest of the world, we might be terrible with our money but we’re at least sound to each other. The hype for the referendum was unlike anything most of us have ever seen before and all throughout the run up, our favourite forever young Happy singer Pharrell continued his successful collaboration with adidas by releasing the adi supercolor, fifty different all-block-coloured Superstars which sold out in stores like no other general release I’ve seen in a very long time. The theme of the release to was to celebrate both gender and race equality hence the full spectrum of colours released.

Continuing with creating new forms and flavours of their Originals, adidas have recently released the adidas Superstars City Pack. The pack contains six shoes, in six different colours representing six cities around the world. Unlike most superstars made with a leather upper, the city pack trainers are made with premium suede with gold leaf embossed lettering on the side and a symbol representing each city on the heel. The cities in the pack are New York (Black), London (Red), Shangai (Yellow), Tokyo (Purple), Paris (Blue) and Berlin (Grey). This pairs the colour theme previously released for the Superstars with one of the most iconic adidas collections; The City Series which saw different shoes all made to represent sporting cities, such as Hamburgs, Malmos and even Jayzissin Dublins.


I really like this take on the Superstar with the tight suede and bold colours to make it an aesthetically good looking shoe which still retains the comfort and familiarity of the shell toe. The City theme which differs on each shoe also gives a shoe that is now so common place on the street a fresh look and a more premium feel.

You can grab these in Office while they last as I assume they will sell like hotcakes.

This week Mango will be rocking his adidas with no shoe laces in ‘em especially the blue and black when he likes to chill, and the yellow and green when it’s time to get ill. RIP JMJ

Me and my Granma in Ballymun '02

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