adidas island series

adidas island series


Back to the Islands.

Words: Mango

Summer’s over. You did nothing but go to that craft beer thing, a shit wedding and a weekend away at some Adriatic techno-fuelled endurance test. Never went on that road trip, or went back to Ibiza with ‘de boyz’ like you keep promising yourself after the January overtime comes through. Every year you want to go somewhere faraway and exotic where the flight doesn’t include 40% of the passengers wearing premier league jerseys or hostesses constantly trying to flog you scratch cards or e-cigs and it especially doesn’t include a round of applause for the pilot when you land.

Somewhere classy, exotic enough to impress the girls you’re chatting up back home on a rainy February night down the local. Somewhere overly-tanned balding men smoke cigars with their trophy wives. Somewhere you might get kidnapped or fall in love and never go home. So you spin that globe your granda keeps his bottles of powers in and land your finger somewhere just under Florida. The Caribbean! Yeah! Mad craic! Flashbacks of the old Lilt ads and Sean Paul videos run through your mind. Yeah let’s go the Caribbean! That’s the life for me. Summer 2015 here we go!

But you didn’t. You got a bridesmaids’ number and you drank an IPA you were convinced was just yeast and grapefruit juice in a park, thumbing your phone until it was time to go home. Don’t worry though, seeing as we’re all looking down at the ground these days as the rain comes back adidas have you covered. Get a taste of the Caribbean on your toes with the recently re-released, adidas Island Series.

A staple of adidas’ back catalogue in the 1980s the Island Series was the counterpart to the City Series which celebrated the European sport capitals and then even further afield. Earlier this year we seen the release of the Tahiti, Hawaii and Samoa OGs made with vibrant colours and full coloured midsoles in blue, beige, and red, respectively.

Now for the F/W15 season adidas have just launched another pack of three shoes again taking inspiration from the island of their namesakes. Starting off with the Jamaica trainer, which at first glance takes obvious inspiration from the Gazelle OG, opting out of the obvious red, gold and green which adidas has churned out ad-nauseam, it comes in a striking yellow suede and black leather with a natural coloured gum sole tooling.


Next is the recently released Cancun, which comes in a sesame and dark brown colour with a full gum mid sole and a little more curved on the edges than the Jamaican release.




Finally, set for release at the end of October is the Trinidad & Tobago which comes in a bright orange suede and black laces ,stripes and inner lining along with a slim light brown gum sole.



These aren’t for the tech heads or the lads who like bubbles in their trainers. This is a great re-issue of some mod/casual favourites from the 80s which will surely get anyone loyal to the trefoil – like me – excited. These aren’t going to keep your feet cushioned and supported all day, but you’ll look the part in your stone island jacket and 501’s. You can pick up any of these releases at size? or End clothing.

This week, Mango will be the only one in the media not laughing at the Yeezy campers who can flip those shoes at 300% profit (at least) and will be subtly reminding everyone else how the country nearly shut down over a few fucking Garth Brooks concerts.