Wyvern Lingo and the Substance of Style

Wyvern Lingo and the Substance of Style

Words by Aoife Davey

Wyvern Lingo is fast becoming one of Dublin’s most beloved bands. We tracked down one of the trio, Caoimhe Barry, who is currently immersed in preparation for their debut album, to talk about their journey so far.

You’ve had a busy year! What have been some of the highlights of 2016 for you?


Yeah, 2016 has defo been one of the best years for us. Highlights have been releasing our first EP with our label, and getting to support Hozier, and then James Vincent McMorrow, on their UK tours!


For listeners who have been following you for a while, it’s apparent that your musical approach has been changing and has become a little more genre bending. What are the main stylistic changes you’ve felt have brought you to where you are now?


Our style and approach to our music has definitely transformed since we went full-time a couple of years ago. We just put way more work into being the kind of band we wanted to be, drawing from our inspirations like Lauryn Hill, Jeff Buckley and Hiatus Kaiyote, we want to make sure we’re as proud of our work as possible. We’re heavily influenced by R’n’B in loads of ways, but we’re in essence a rock band. We love prog and jazz and pop… it’s a strange mix we end up with in the end but it’s definitely our own sound.



You, Karen and Saoirse each have such distinctive style and your endorsement of local designers is admirable. Would you ever consider working with a designer or stylist for your tour wardrobe?


YES! WE WOULD LOVE THAT! We would love to work with a designer for our tour outfits, if anyone out there is interested, hit us up! We’re in a lucky position of being friends with lots of very talented local designers, from college and circles of friends, and they all make amazing work, so it’s a no brainer to us to wear and promote their stuff. You’re bound to end up with something totally unique, any chance to show people’s stuff off and we’ll take. Textile designer and friend Aoife Challis made me a felt & rope necklace and I wear it to death. And she’s often at Wyvern Lingo gigs! It’s a nice thing that we can all support and encourage each other’s work.


You have worked with visual artists before to create projections for your live shows and Caoimhe, as an artist yourself you have animated music videos for the band. Do you have any big ideas or plans for future live visuals? What would be your dream setup for your future shows?


Well yeah, for our last tour I actually designed the projections for all the tracks, and I used Cesca Saunders’ amazing hands animation for our track ‘Subside’. (The video for Subside stars Seana Kerslake) For some gigs I also designed a lightshow that I could control from stage (it was a stupid amount of work, hence me bigging myself up rn). It’s a very satisfying outlet for me to be able to create this stuff for the band, I’m definitely my happiest when I can combine music and art, so this is ideal. You can create a world for people when they come to a show, and scratch that itch of wanting to create visual work. It’s cool. I’m not sure where it will go, I’d just like to develop my own style more. I would like to get my head around projection mapping, and develop some animation ideas a bit further. MORE LIGHTS MORE SMOKE MORE PROJECTIONS… MAYBE SOME CAPES!


When can we expect an album from you?


We are going into the studio next week to record the album and I’m so excited. It’s gonna be deadly. We’ll be releasing a few sneaky singles over the summer, and then the album should drop around autumn time!


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Words by Aoife Davey