Sleeping Moon

Sleeping Moon

Words by Emily Browne

Young lovers Feral Styles and Aisling Morris have stolen our hearts with their tender expression of their love for each other. I used to eat my or. is an excerpt from their zine Sleeping Moon which catalogues their relationship through Fergal’s writings and Aisling’s photographs.




I used to eat my or.


I used to eat my oranges another way

before I met you.

I used to chop them

in four

-I would bring a quarter

to my mouth

and eat.

My teeth tearing the flesh from the rind.

-I learned


You chop them

in four

you prize the skin

with finger and thumb

from the fruit,

placing it in your mouth afterwards.


I learned to be delicate

I learned to separate

the want from the want not


I will always eat my oranges this way.

I will always eat my oranges this way.

I promise.











Sleeping Moon is a collaborative zine produced by Aisling Morris and Fergal Styles. Fergal’s poetry and Aisling’s photography sit side by side in this hand sewn zine, wrapped in a soft pink cover page. This zine is best experienced with the knowledge that the artists made the unflinching choice to use their love for each other, and their experience of their relationship, as the building blocks and subject of this work. We are delighted to publish an extract of the zine – a poem entitled I Will Always Eat My Or. courtesy of the artists. Sleeping Moon was first available at the Dublin Art Book Fair during 2016, and is now available to buy through enquiry with the artists.





Words by Emily Browne