Road to Love

Road to Love

Words by Annique van Niekerk

Editor’s Note

Dear Lovers,


We have set out on a journey. It’s taking shape before our very eyes. We are going in search of something, we don’t know what it is yet. We are dipping our toes, flexing our muscles, warming up our voices. This is our first offering. We warmly invite you along on this bold adventure. This online magazine will remain unfettered. We want to talk about fashion, art, music, technology, creativity, literature, cinema, science and anything else that challenges us. We hope you are as curious as we are about where this year and this new project will go.


The Road to Love is a twisting, winding, overgrown, abstract concept as illustrated by our in-house artist Cesca Saunders. Of course, love is intangible, so we’ve done our best to capture the ways in which our contemporaries go in search of that one thing.


This month we spoke to Elaine Hoey, an artist who is unafraid of showing love to those who need it most. Her recent creation The Weight of Water is a virtual reality experience which immerses the viewer in the experience of a refugee at sea. Elaine shared her thoughts on the future of VR and its role in emotional intensity of storytelling.


We interviewed Caoimhe Barry of the wondrous Wyvern Lingo, a band which is on the rise, and quickly amassing a huge fanbase here in Ireland and abroad. Caoimhe told us all about her band’s journey and how their love for their craft has motivated an ever increasing experimentation with art and design in their live shows.


Designer Natalie B Coleman shares her SS17 collection Donkey Love with us. This flirtatious collection is all about unabashedly opening yourself up to love. Natalie’s inspirational island dwelling heroine goes in search of love on the mainland and invites us along, covered in striped jacquards and wispy tulle.


Fergal Styles and Aisling Morris were a special discovery. We found out about their project Sleeping Moon completely by accident. Their collaboration is so charming that no one who comes in contact with it can keep it to themselves – much like the enthusiastic friend who shared it with us. They have kindly shared an extract of their work. Read it and let your heart open up.


The love doesn’t end there, so take a look at our dispatched writer who explores her love of new experiences, this time wrapped in circus silks. We looked at the best way to see North Vietnam for those who love to travel off the regular old beaten track. We met the new faces of Irish fashion modeling, and we share a few of our recommended events to watch out for.


Love is the destination, love is the journey and love is the fuel that gets us there. It’s February so we’re making allowances for ourselves and our emotional metaphors. Enjoy it!



The Editor

Words by Annique van Niekerk