Luisa Lacsamana

Luisa Lacsamana


Luisa Lacsamana is the Virginia-based artist whose ‘poster a day’ project has just ended, exactly one year from when it started.


My name is Luisa Lacsamana and I am currently in my third year of college studying industrial design.

I work in variety of media and I’m a little all over the place with my work right now, but in general I just like to make weird stuff. I started the ‘poster a day’ project 365 days ago because I wanted a side project that allowed me to create something everyday separate from my school work.

I’ve actually been trying to follow through with a 365 project for a while now, I started one in high school for photography but I ended up stopping around day 50. Alex Proba’s series was what prompted me to start up a new project, this time with graphic design and illustration. I usually spend around 30 minutes or less on each poster just so I can quickly get my ideas out and have it as a daily exercise.

For industrial design most of the projects I work on are conceptual and the final product just ends up being a really nice prototype or rendering of the final product. In that world, I usually start off by identifying what problems I’m trying to solve then moving on to sketching and creating physical models. After getting my final form and design down I take to a computer modeling program and do some final renders or actually make the product (some things I’ve made are a wallet and a full scale prototype of an ice-fishing shanty).

For my graphic design work, my final product ends up being computer based, working mostly in illustrator and indesign, but recently I’ve been trying to remove myself from the computer (not completely, though) to produce more analog pieces to compliment my graphic work. I’ve actually made some of my posters into two to three color screen prints and sometimes adding illustrations on top of it. I’ve also been learning how to sew, hoping to eventually make pieces with my own screen printed fabric. There’s something extremely satisfying seeing what you made exist in the real world.

I’m not really sure how to describe my style. People always associate my work with pastels and muted colors and I suppose it’s minimal, but I’m still not sure that I can group everything I design under those categories.

For the full project on Instagram – go HERE.