Beatriz Palacios

Beatriz Palacios


Beatriz Palacios interprets Surrealism in precious metals and shining gems for her SS17 collection EYE/HEART.

Beatriz Palacios is a Spanish jewellery designer who works from her independent studio in Madrid. Possessing one of the more interesting stories as a route into fashion design, Beatriz started out as a mining engineer in Madrid before relocating to Dublin and rethinking her creative path, ultimately retraining as a jeweller. For 2017, Bea, as she is affectionately named, has delved into the rich absurdity of the Surrealist art movement. Known for creating finely engineered moving pieces, this season she has outdone herself creatively and technically with her precious metal puppetry.


EYE/HEART features a number of moving parts such as the winking eye and the dripping heart. The eye is made from gold plated silver, oxidised silver, and enamel, inlaid with a topaz iris and onyx pupil. Pulling on the pearl teardrop chain will send a flirtatious signal to anyone in a visible diameter of the wearer.

The other standout piece of this collection is the red enamel anatomic heart earring, which has pearl-clogged arteries. The gorgeous dangling chains can be pulled in either direction, like a chain of golden blood flowing through pulmonary vessels.