This Is Me Films: Rock climber Neal Mc Quaid

This Is Me Films: Rock climber Neal Mc Quaid



THIS IS ME is a Prowlster-produced series showcasing some of the most talented individuals in Ireland and in the UK. Filmed by Paul Mahon, and shot by Rich Gilligan, this month we follow professional rock climber Neal Mc Quaid. For more on the series, click here or check out the first three installments with BMXer Jason Phelan, London illustrator Kate Moross, and Cork band Young Wonder.

Neal McQuaid has devoted his life to rock-climbing. Humble, philosophical and utterly committed, the wiry athlete was bitten by the climbing bug hard. From spending college summers climbing across India, New Zealand and America to spending entire chunks of his life in search of the most awe-inspiring climbs, there is little Mc Quaid has yet to conquer.

However, alongside the thrill-seeking lifestyle, sits a gentle soul. Mc Quaid jointly set up Awesome Walls in Dublin – one of Ireland’s largest indoor climbing walls – to introduce a wider audience to rock climbing. Both competitor and ambassador, McQuaid tells a truly humble story of turning your passion into a profession.

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Follow Neal on his blog, Twitter, Google Buzz, and for more of his videos, YouTube.

To find out more about Awesome Walls, click here.

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Director / Shot / Edited: Paul Mahon
Photography: Rich Gilligan
Producter: Prowlster
Executive Producer: Skookum Ltd
Music: Leaders of Men // Aarvo // Come On Live Long 
Locations: Dalkey // Awesome Walls

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