Niall O’Brien x Foals

Niall O’Brien x Foals


A new Foals video has landed, and it’s directed by Dubliner, Niall O’Brien. The Prowlster caught with the photographer/director in the wilds of Utah. 


 Niall O’Brien 

Nice work on the video, how did the collaboration come about?

Nabil Elderkin commissioned me to shoot it. He runs the Swordfight production company in LA that I’m with for promos.

We first came across your work about five years ago when you were mostly doing documentary photography, has the video work developed alongside it, has it taken over, or you try to keep both strands?

I still do both of corse. It can be tricky at times but both Academy, my production company, and Making Pictures, my Photo agent, make it work out really well.

We’ve always loved the honesty and grit you bring to your work. Is it hard to bring that into commercial work?

I guess I tend to get the work that reflects my personal work more and more. At the start of making comercials it was tricky but I was new to it all and Im slowly retaining what I love to do and it is slowly coming trough the commercial work in film, I think…


From the Good Rats collection, copyright Niall O’Brien


Niall O’Brien Editorial for AnOther Magazine, Barcelona

The spirit of youth comes though a lot with your work who do you build a relationship with your subjects?

Well it takes time. I think you need to really become part of the group. I did it with the punk kids and only felt a part after two years. And my current project (I forgot to mention) is on a group of Filipino kids in Barcelona. I’ve been going back and forth photographing them for a year and a half now and only starting to feel the trust and the welcome…That new project is called Trying To Cut Bubble Gum and it is about a year and a half in the making and still a work in progress.

What’s else is happening? 

I’ve a group show on in NYC with a few great photographers, and hustling all this time. I’m writing this from Utah, I’m m on a bit of a trip so maybe some pics might surface somewhere at some stage…

Zipped open the tent to this. #utah

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Any other artists we should be looking at right now? 

Ross McDonnell (Litttle), talented little fucker! We went to school together from the age of about 10 or something like that…. Also Ross McDonnell (Big), he is an artist who I went to school with as well. Was well confusing but he is an artist in NYC and doing some amazing instillation work..

ENDS // What Went Down Directed by Niall O’Brien. Pre-order the new album WHAT WENT DOWN now: In stores 28 August.