ADW is a Dublin based artist. His latest project #‎gnbtnt4gtn (Gone But Not Forgotten) is a visual representation that commemorates the anniversaries of individuals who made an indelible mark with their time on earth.

(Interview after the images)


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Long time no talk, ADW, what have you been up to?
I’m balancing the fine line between my own projects and commissioned work, keeping busy and lovin’ it. There’s always room for improvements though. At the moment I’m juggling a few projects, a submission for an exciting group exhibition where 15 NYC artists and 15 Irish artists paint model replicas of the iconic Brooklyn water towers. A new video is also currently in production and cooking in the ADW studio, the short film is based on a piece I recently created which is inspired by the Dublin Coat of Arms.. As well as continuously adding and expanding on the ‘Gone but not forgotten’ series I’ve also started to work on a new series of images exploring themes of love, art and creation which has my creative juices flowing.

Tell us about this #gnbtnt4gtn series or images, inspiration behind it?
I guess the name of the series ‘Gone but not forgotten’ was born first, I wanted to create a visual representation that commemorated the anniversaries of individuals who made an indelible mark with their time on earth, a reminder that we are all standing on the shoulders of giants. I found it too hard to choose one individual to highlight and commemorate each day. So, much like a modern day Victor Frankenstein, I hit the operating table and began to experiment by stitching the carefully chosen faces together, creating and breathing life into a new being.

Any favourites?
Since it feels like I’ve given birth to each creation myself, it would be impossible for me as an adoring parent to choose a favourite. A lot of work goes into researching each image and I often find hours disappear as I immerse myself into the biographies and photos that develop into the final image, not only am I learning as the series progresses but I’m also finding it a fascinating and inspiring project to be part of.

Any plans to do something with them?
The main plan is to create and release one everyday for a full year, hopefully not giving up halfway and doing a Sufjan Stevens on it (smiley face). As I’m only about a tenth of the way through the project it is still very much in it’s infancy. I’m enjoying watch the series grow and evolve, who knows what legs it’ll grow and where it will end up!

Who’s work are you currently into? Either Irish or International
I predominately use stencils to produce my artwork and I know the planning, preparation, perspiration and dedication it takes to produce a piece of stencil art. There are two stencil artists who are pushing the boundaries at the moment. Polish stencil artist M-City and Adam 5100 from San-Francisco…mind blowing stuff!! I’d highly recommend checking their art out!

If you could pick two other faces to mesh with your own, whose would they be? (you don’t have have to die for this one!)
Tough, very tough! I love music so I would have to go with two greats, Amy Winehouse and Jimi Hendrix?
No, Wait…
Beethoven and Buddy Holly?
Edith Piaf and Elvis Presley?
No, no…
…Nick Drake and Nina Simone?
Michael Jackson and Miles Davis?
Come back to me.