26/02/15 is a series of short video interviews with creative individuals and groups, working in the field of design and the arts. The Prowlster profiles the profilers, George and Allan.


Can yo give a little background on the project?

I’m [George] a freelance graphic designer and Allan is a freelance web developer, we are both currently both working in and around Dublin. Since last June, we have been working on a website which will be a useful interdisciplinary resource for students, recent graduates and people establishing new projects. It will also be a great resource for accessing new ideas and sources of inspiration. Our project fills a unique social niche in that it is one of very few projects that focuses on the process of creativity. By providing the option of viewing the website in Irish, we aim to make our website/videos accessible to everyone in Ireland and help to promote our culture in every aspect.

What type of people will you be featuring? Can you drop a few names?

These interviews will be of creative individuals and groups, working in the field of design and the arts. The first two released will be stylist Aisling Farinella and design studio Conor&David. You can also get a sneak peak of who else is coming up featured in the promo [below].

Profiles Promo from on Vimeo.

How long will the series run for?

The website will be officially launched on the 27th of February. After the launch two video interviews and two blog posts will be uploaded per month over the next 10 months. We have a collection of interviews that have already been recorded and edited in advance. We will also be doing interviews as the year progresses and hope to give a broad sense of the design and creative scenes.

Explain to us the importance, to you, of design?

Design can be seen in everything we do. What interests us about design is creating a space that fosters questioning and a platform for investigating how we think and work. A Norman Potter quote comes to mind when thinking about the importance of design in our daily lives.

“Every human being is a designer…. Many also earn their living by design- in every field that warrants pause and careful consideration between the conceiving of an action, a fashioning of the means to carry it out, and an estimation of its effects.” – Norman Potter

The aim of the Profiles project is to discover the reasons why people do what they do, how they approach it and what inspires them to keep moving forward.

What was the inspiration behind the project? 

The two main websites we were most inspired by were and These websites have been a great source of inspiration, which has informed our approach to recording and posting our interview process. has a distinct look and feel, and a novel approach to finding out the process of creativity.

It’s ID2015, what are you most looking forward to?

We haven’t taken our heads above the parapet this year. There has been a big push to get the Profiles site up and running so we are surprisingly not as aware of the events as we should be. What we are looking forward to especially this year is Offset. The conference is a huge talking point. We have booked our tickets and will be attending this year as always. is launched Friday, Feb 27th. Everyone is invited to come along and celebrate in Film Base Temple Bar from 7pm.  Edibles by Tom from Sett Food Club and a live performance from electronic duo Polyglove.