Rumblings from South America of an El Dorado-esque store made their way to England and into the inbox of infamous adidas collectors and designers Gary Aspden, Mike Chetcuti, and Robert Brooks.

An unbelievable sight of wall to wall classic, original and sometimes all together forgotten adidas products were stored away in an old man’s shop in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. A collection which astounded even the most knowledgeable adidas heads, they took the task of surveying the stock and taking samples back to adidas HQ in London for inspection and cataloguing.

Words: Mango / @MangoDassle

Adidas worked with long time consultant Gary Aspden to curate a second and bigger adidas Spezial exhibition which showcased some of the South American rarities and other classic and unique adidas shoes from fans and celebrities alike.

From the hype and resurgence of the interest in the Spezial shoe came this new collection designed to represent an updated look which encapsulates its history and importance within the football casual and music scenes from the 60s through to the 90s. The perfect candidate to head up the design on this collection was Gary Aspden himself,  the man who stood on the terraces in Blackburn in the early 80s and graduated to the pillars of the Hacienda during the second summer of love in ’88. All of this informs his collection and shows the genuine love and diligence it was made with.

Drawing from their near encyclopaedic knowledge of classic adidas trainers Gary and the team created a selection of shoes with the SPZL treatment which splices together classic trainers together to make new hybrid takes on the old firm favourites, resulting in the release of the Indoor Court SPZL, Albrecht SPZL, Chetcuti SPZL, Waterproof SPZL.




The Indoor Court SPZL is a mix between the Champion Indoor L. mixed with the classic 3 plug suspension and a tooling which looks similar to the Forest Hill.


The Albrecht SPZL which takes its design from the adidas leisure series with its leather upper taken from the extremely rare Sevilla and the tooling from the iconic Gazelle OG.


Then there is my favourite of the releases, the Chetcuti SPZL which an all brown trainer which draws from the adidas Granada with tooling that looks similar to the chunky sole of the Trimm Trabb.


Finally for all of the practical and tech heads there is the Waterproof SPZL with its use of Gore-tex, on the grey and white colourway which is perfect for the cold and rainy nights standing on the terraces.

There will be further releases of the Hyndburn SPZL & Settend SPZL in March and April respectively. With some great garms to go with the collection including jackets, casual track suits and a T-shirt I will definitely be copping.

I really like this collection as it was made by true collectors and people who not only understand the brand and the style which they were asked to represent but who also lived in the environment which made these shoes so iconic. The shoes that were created obviously came from a labour of love, hard work and extensive research. While I’d love to see these shoes come in some other colourways that’s just a common sneaker head gripe, and the clothing that has come with it is perfectly suited for young lads in the clubs and the aul fellas who still dress to impress while their down having a few scoops of a Sunday.


Mango this week will be handing out pamphlets in chippers and kebab shops all around Dublin to increase awareness of the potential murder caused by saps ruining people’s shoes by standing all over them in nightclubs.

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