Everything Is Peachy

Everything Is Peachy


Back in October 2014, The Prowlster premiered a short documentary from 24-year-old filmmaker Rebecca Bermingham. It was our biggest story of the year and the video ended up on Aer Lingus’ in-flight entertainment, being covered by almost every Irish website and garnering 50,000 youtube views. So when Rebecca said she had a new project, Peachy, we had to find out more. 


So what’s the new project all about then?

We are going to leave out a box – constructed by a great industrial designer Jordan Ralph- out in the city centre and let people submit their thoughts, hopes and dream. The pieces submitted will hopefully reveal the inner thoughts of those who we pass every day, and who are in essence just like us walking the streets of Dublin.

The goal of Peachy is to provide a sense of sanctity and unity to people in their everyday life. The beauty of the project, and what I try and achieve in all my personal projects, is allowing the narrative be driven by as little manipulation as possible and observing the culture of people.

All submissions will be exhibited in a show on May 14th, 15th, and 16th in the Temple Bar Gallery . However, what Peachy hopes to achieves is an assembly of these thoughts with a twist. By transforming a number of the submissions into art we give a sense of beauty to thoughts that can often be viewed negatively and allowing it to be viewed in a different light. Peachy is about the mundane and the fantastic thoughts of individuals and making them into art. We are also filming the process of the project coming to life so people can see the project come full circle. The proceeds of the exhibition and a percentage of the pieces sold are going to Aware Ireland.

Who is involved?

I am really lucky to have a really talented and passionate team working with me on Peachy. I am the creative director with Kim Comiskey as producer/ co creator, Stephen Heffernan as head of design/ co creator , Clare O Hanlon handling the PR and marketing, and Caroline Lynch running our social media. We also have a great design company ohheyfriend on hand for any help we need on the project.


What do you hope to achieve?

First and foremost we want to create a beautiful exhibition that we hope the public can engage with and see an essence of themselves in. However we also want to shed light on the idea of every day mental health that is sometimes under played. People can be plagued with niggling thoughts and regrets in their everyday life and we want to give a sense of solace to people that there are others dealing with the same issues and allow people to engage with it in a positive way. We want people to enjoy Peachy and maybe begin to view some things differently. Another important aspect of Peachy is giving artists a platform to exhibit their work and showcase the creative talent we have here in Ireland and unify it with a universal theme.

Why Peaches?
I suppose because people spend their lives acting like everything is ‘peachy’, myself included, we want to break down those walls and see what will be revealed when people can anonymously submit their thoughts. It is also something we can play around in our campaign, not to mention they are pretty delicious.

There’s an incredible list of irish artists involved, did they need much convincing?

I was overwhelmed by the artists responses 99% of the artists we approached were 100% on board from the get go. I guess it is a theme that people can really engage with and also for a great cause. I think it also gets back to what art is at it’s core, a really powerful platform to show another dimension to emotions and messages that words can’t quite do at times. I am so grateful to each and every artist who wanted to be involved for devoting their time to the project.

How can people help?

This is a really important aspect to the campaign at the moment because we need funding to bring Peachy to the next level. We have everything in place but like everything we need financial support for various aspects of the project. We have a €4,000 euro goal and are currently running a kickstarter campaign

If anyone felt like they were in a position to pledge any money it would be fantastic and we made sure to have some great rewards for people to claim by pledging, these were also all donated by all of the companies which was a huge asset to the project. No donation is too small to get us off the ground!


We had an amazing reaction to when we premiered it on Prowlster, what happened next with that project?

I was astounded with how people reacted to Capturing Our Capital and it was really touching that it appealed to so many people in Ireland and further afield. I got some really lovely messages from all over the world about it from people who were currently living abroad or had spent some time in Dublin. Currently it is running as inflight entertainment on transatlantic flights on Aer Lingus.

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