Dragana Jurisic

Dragana Jurisic


Dragana Jurisic is one of our favourite photographers. Born in Croatia (then Yugoslavia), but based in Dublin for the past 15 years, her eye for the extraordinary in the everyday marks her out as a special talent. This is a selection from her Instagram series #draganasdublin.




“Instagram is a great platform to introduce photographer’s work and style to the wider audience. Most of the photo editors from important publications such as The New York Times, New Yorker, TIME, etc. are on Instagram and follow work they find interesting. I also find it opens avenues for the future collaborations between people you maybe did not meet in person before. Most of the world famous photographers have a presence there. And it’s fun.




What works on Instragram? Simplicity of the composition seems to be popular, as you are literally bombarded visually, so when you see relatively uncluttered images, people tend to like it more.. And humour. Kittens too.




#draganasdublin started as a way of investigating my own reflections on the city I chose to live in. After 15 years I feel ingrained into the tapestry of the place, and wanted to show, perhaps, why I stayed here for so long. It was not intended as a project that will be shown in the mainstream galleries, it was intended to live online on platforms such as Instagram. Images are almost exclusively taken with my phone camera.


Shane MacGowan’s long term partner Victoria Mary Clarke, is a very good friend of mine. I know them almost as long as I live here. As he does not like to be photographed, and my style is quite unobtrusive, I think. He asks for me to photograph him when needed. This photograph was taken after I did The Independent UK photo-shoot, for the cover of their Radar magazine. I stayed on and had lunch and watched Sponge Bob with Shane.

My favourite Instagram feeds are:

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For more, follow Dragana Jurisic on Instagram or check out her website.